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StartLogic Hosting Review

StartLogic: Logically Gives You the Right Subscription

Building the right website may not be as hard as putting it up on the internet for the entire world to see. There are lots of great web hosting services that offer their customers packages such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited domains and unlimited file transfers. All these things may seem enticing for those who are new to the site building world. But with different web host providers offering the same packages at a certain price, people might just go for whatever those packages are without knowing whether they will benefit from it or not. It’s like buying a pack of candies when you only want one flavor out of the entire pack. This is similar to getting the right web host service subscription. Although most web hosting services give out these packages, do people really need unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space or domain names just to put up their website? That is where StartLogic stands out from the rest; the company offers potential subscribers different packages based on the subscription they want.

Keep in mind that the unlimited features come at a price, meaning, people need to pay more to for all of the special features offered in the package. With StartLogic, they offer their clients subscription packages that suit them, such as PersonaLogic, ProLogic and VPSLogic. The most affordable package among the three is the PersonaLogic. This subscription is basically for those who plan to only use a limited amount of disk storage and bandwidth. The package comes along with a free site builder, blog forum tools and unlimited email boxes. All these features are ideal for budding site builders and for those who want an affordable web hosting subscription. The ProLogic allows users to enjoy unlimited storage and file transfers along with a free site builder, domain name and free Google, Yahoo and Bing credits. The VPSLogic offers 20GB of disc space and 1TB for data transfer, 1GB Burstable RAM and a choice of Linux OS. With different subscription plans, there is no need to waste money on features that are useless in building and hosting the desired website.