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GoDaddy Hosting Review

A Sneak Peek into the GoDaddy World

One of the fastest growing names in the SSL, web hosting and domain industry is GoDaddy; initially named Jomax Technologies by founder Bob Parsons in 1997. The final change in name happened in 1999 following a thorough brainstorming by a group of then employees. Besides availability, the decision was also based on the domain name’s ability to create a smile on anyone’s face at the mere mention, making it very easy to remember. Having sole operating rights and ownership of their own equipment and services, the company has managed to maintain high quality services at comparably lower prices. The big break happened in 2007 when the company was allowed to advertize during the Super Bowl; since then, a follow-up using comely female commercial models and the addition of 24/7 customer support team have ensured  the renowned success they experience today.

In terms of site building, the company’s Website Tonight was able to help thousands of individuals with minimal technical skills, in building and launching their own sites. For those who prefer professional services, a trusted design team is readily available to design professional and sleek websites. Virtual dedicated and dedicated shared hosting packages are also being offered at a reasonable price. The company’s data servers feature integrated fire and monitoring systems, top notch security system and a 24-hour expert onsite staff.

Creating secure and fast email accounts with a truly unique address and personal domain name is possible, allowing the email address to be easily remembered by friends, colleagues and clients.

On the business side, a complete line of marketing and eCommerce tools is designed for those with no programming background. Their current shopping cart site provides everything to make online sales possible; these services can be either used as an independent storefront or as addition to an already existing site. By simply paying a monthly fee, you can customize the product catalogue and after designing the site, everything will be ready for business.

SSL certificates ensure the websites security by encrypting the sensitive data that moves to and from the site. Thus, private information like credit card accounts and social security numbers cannot be intercepted by outside parties.

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BlueHost Review

Bluehost: Providing Excellence in Web Hosting Services

Most people find it hard to put up a website in order to advertise their products or businesses. In fact, one of the most difficult things that they have to do is finding a reliable high quality web host that is worth every single cent that they are paying to host their website. Fortunately, Bluehost can provide everything for small as well as corporate businesses. Unlike other web hosting services, this web hosting service provides a wide range of site design tools with an unlimited storage, quality customer service and site upkeep that would be less worrisome for those who have problems in maintaining their websites.

Creating a business type of website requires a creative and attractive element that would entice customers to try out the services or products being advertised on the website. Luckily, the site design tools provided, offer the customers ready to use design templates that can be further customized. Not only do they provide site design tools, but also e-commerce tools for free. The e-commerce tools allow their hosting subscribers to keep track of their web sales, customer reports and also other shopping tools. Other than providing a variety of site building tools, they also provide unlimited storage for their subscribers. So why get a web designer when everything that’s needed is being provided by the webhost? Even the most inexperienced web designer can create a website with the tools provided by the webhost.

Not only do they provide a wide range of site design tools and unlimited bandwidth to store everything that their subscriber needs, but they also provide quality customer services that would help their inexperienced subscribers in troubleshooting their websites. Their customer services allow website owners to get help around the clock even at the most untimely hours when they start getting problems. Subscribers can reach their customer service through phone or through the instant messaging service at anytime of the day. The web host also provides the latest firmware that would make site maintenance for subscribers less troublesome.

Certainly, Bluehost provides all that is necessary for putting up a website. With their wide range of services and excellent customer support, they are giving their subscribers every single cent worth of their money.

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InMotion Hosting Review

Popularity and Steady Rise of Inmotion Hosting Company Amidst Numerous Hosting Options

Since its inception in 2001, the Inmotion hosting company has continually gained popularity and achieved several awards and recognition for their hosting services. The CNET Certified Service Provider certification, Best Business Host award by webhostinghero.com in 2008, and Top Web Host award by the AlreadyHosting.com in 2009 are just few of the company’s achievements that highlight their profile among competitors. They provide several options to prospective clients that range from basic hosting services, dedicated IP, email packages, hosting plans, to SSL certifications, whichever works best for an online store.

The company’s hosting network relies on speedy operating systems such as Unix and Linux, with round-the-clock monitoring system to ensure consistency of performance. This way, untoward issues can be immediately attended to and resolved, therefore, optimizing system growth in terms of affordability, speed and dependability. A noteworthy feature of this web hosting company is their unique capacity in offering Max Speed Zones. Clients get the chance to choose their preferred data centre for website hosting, either in Washington, DC or Los Angeles, CA, whichever is more convenient to their current location. Either way, these speed zones will undoubtedly speed up everything up to six times faster than the usual. A faster service means happier clients since speed is always tantamount to customer satisfaction.

Generally, Inmotion hosting company is run and owned by employees with hosting experience of 4 years on average, and supported by the senior staff members with 10 years or more experience in the field of hosting. They primarily fix or break down everything in relation to web site hosting, forming a support team equipped with the knowledge and friendliness to attend to consumer needs. With a commendable background in technology and business, they don’t stop at anything. Instead, they have continued searching for innovative ways to produce timely and updated hardware, methods, and software, which will complement the present tools.

To date, there are numerous web hosting companies available. However, the choice depends on user preferences. The most important thing is that they are satisfied with the service and it lives up to their expectations.

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DreamHost Review

DreamHost Is a Great Place for Your Blog, Your Wallet and Your Planet’s Future

DreamHost is an innovative, West Coast based web hosting service and domain registrar that is becoming distinct from other hosting sites. The group is employee-owned and takes pride in the fact that it is not driven by stock sales or commissions. They’ve even banned cologne from their offices to show how alternative they are. DreamHost also claims to be green and totally carbon neutral; it is a member of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership Program.

As far as their hosting, they aren’t totally distracted with their unique set up and eco-friendly ways. They do offer complete packages with reasonable prices. Their monthly rates are as low as $8.95 for unlimited Bandwidth, 50GB storage, unlimited email and domain registration. They normally use a Debian Linux operating system, but they also offer application hosting that allows the user to work with WordPress, MediaWiki and Ruby on Rails at no extra cost. These can be used as a stepping stone between socially hosted blogging sites and their own domain with DreamHost. That is a service that makes many people more comfortable with the transition to being on their own.

They offer more than the basic services and have everything someone looking to build a site on a new host could want. Their control panel has been lauded by users as easy to use and understand. It has billing, support and notices built into the application for user set-up that was designed in house and is unique to DreamHost. Their customer service is excellent and more than 24/7; the staff has its own support with live chats and an official blog. They do not offer live calling service for customers to call them, but many plans offer callback options or it can be added for a fee.

DreamHost is innovative on several levels, especially with their company structure and green power system. Their webhosting services are extensive and affordable. Their platform is very user friendly and customer service is effective. It’s a great service for people starting out and want a great deal for their money. Very popular among up and coming bloggers, DreamHost is also great for people who want to go against the machine and save the planet too.

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LunarPages Hosting Review

Web-hosting Services Available at Lunarpages.com

The world of web-hosting can be a major source of fear for people new to the virtual world. Where do I start and who can I get to help me? If you are looking for a helping hand in setting up your personal website or someone to supply the writing space for your exciting new blog, then you should visit Lunarpages.com. They are a specialist web-hosting company, suitable for both beginners and large corporations alike.

The company provides a large number of services to cater to a vast majority of requirements even if you have a limited budget. The computing space available on their servers can start from single-digit dollar values per month, and they can help you build a whole website in only a couple of hours. It doesn’t matter which operating system you use, they can help you.

The website shows the range of packages available; and for the absolute beginner who wants their own website, domain name and free technical assistance; the basic hosting option is definitely appealing.  The package even comes with its own e-mail accounts which fit in with your domain name.

For those of you in established businesses and corporations who are looking to promote products or provide information should also pay Lunarpages.com a visit. Their staging environment packages also start in single digits as a monthly charge. They have expertise in hosting, e-commerce, large projects and high-traffic sites; with the assistance of a dedicated team of web-builders and technicians, plus up-to-the-minute server security, they can provide you with a full range of services.

Due to the excellent service that the company has provided in the past, they can offer guarantees with their services which are the equal of any web-host currently available. There is also another tempting advantage for businesses; with their business packages comes a tool which will please any marketing department. These are the instant adverts on the major social networks, MySpace and Facebook.

If you already have a web-host, but wish to take advantage of any of their exciting package offers, you will also be eligible for a free hosting credit for up to six months!

Take a look and see what’s there in store for you. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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FatCow Hosting Review

Fatcow Webhosting Is a Choice Cut Above Other Providers

Fatcow web hosting proclaims it offers “udderly fantastic web hosting.” The price is definitely fantastic at $2.95 a month. It’s a competitive price and package including unlimited storage, domains, POP mailboxes and bandwidth. They give users their own website builder, with numerous site templates and shopping cart for free. Something many other hosting services don’t provide, Fatcow offers retaining your domain and domain name for free. Transfer also includes Google, Yahoo and Bing Ad credits.

Fatcow not only supports rotund black and white animals, it supports the environment too. The company is powered by sustainable energy. Their reusable energy credits and eco-friendly practices make it one hundred percent green. The greenness extends to its hosted sites and gets the user 50% of the way to being sustainable right out of the gate.

Fatcow is known for its customer support (self-dubbed ‘legendary’) and for its self confident and confidence-inspiring money back guarantee at any time. No fly-by-night company could ever fully and truly make that claim if they were not succeeding both within their industry and with their current customers’ satisfaction. Their customer support is impressive, with 24/ availability via phone, live chat and email. They guarantee their North American customer service representatives will answer calls within 2 minutes, resolve your problem and schedule a follow-up call.

Fatcow helps customers set up their own stores with shopping carts, catalogs, changing coupons and payment options with Paypal and credit cards. They also get the user started with marketing their site and store with credits on Facebook, Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Google webmaster tools are included in the basic package and allow users to get analysis, and other reports on traffic, through the Fatcow control panel. The setup for Fatcow subscribers is increasingly easy; with installation wizards to guide the user through building photo galleries, slideshows, installing blog applications or software. The point-and-click site building tools help the user make a great and professional site their own; with customizable templates and email addresses to make the user’s business look its very best.  For less than $3, Fatcow gives its subscribers all of the tools they need to succeed with its hosting services or their money back.

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WebHostingPad Hosting Review

Webhostingpad Offers Exceptionally High Quality Services

Webhostingpad is a great hosting service; with a lot of connections and a constant stream of awards for its efforts. Their prices were recently slashed to $1.99 per month for a solid package of hosting services and file uploading. That low price does also include domain registration when the customer signs up for a biennial package. The $1.99 also includes unlimited Bandwidth, unlimited email addresses and no limit to the amount of domains the user can register. It gives immediate access to unlimited disk space on their Linux operating system, compatible with so many social and existing blog formats. Even with the low prices, they are known for having great up-time and a good distribution of users enabling the servers to be fast all the time, even peak hours.

Besides their great physical space, price and speed, among the services included for free are: 50 scripts compatible with WordPress, Joomla CRG and phpbb; marketing credits with Google, Yahoo, Facebook and MyAds; and ecommerce readiness for services like OS Commerce, Magento, Authorize.Net and Zen cart.

The control panel offered with Webhostingpad, CPanel, is easy to use and has its own RVSitebuilder tool which features free images that most sites don’t. CPanel also has free scripts and software for use on their hosted sites. The big benefit of using these tools is that the staff knows and supports them.

One of the biggest reasons that Webhostingpad is one of the best for hosting is their customer service. Their customer service is exemplary and comes with a 24 hour hotline that incurs no extra charges. Their techs actually come to the phone, are U.S. based, and take their time to address your problem. With just under a million customers, maintaining that kind of service is a big plus to people considering using Webhostingpad to host their website. The biggest and most important proof of their excellence in customer service and services provided is that they have one of the lowest turnovers of customers in the entire industry. The recently changed prices have given some reviewers cause for concern about whether they will be able to afford to continue their high level of service, but so far, their packages are the best value around.

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HostPapa Hosting Review

HostPapa: Looking Out for Customers and the Environment

Unlike most high quality webhosting providers, HostPapa stands out in terms of efficiency and affordability. This webhost service offers great deals for a great webhosting experience; this includes a free domain for life, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, a free setup that would normally cost around $29.95, cPanel Control Panel and a 30 day money back guarantee. The payment plans and options are also flexible and reliable. What sets this apart from most webhosting service providers is that it uses 100% Green Energy in web hosting. That is something that most webhost service providers fail to possess, an environment friendly webhosting service that helps save the environment by reducing the emissions produced from their servers.

This web host service provider looks after its customers by providing them high quality services at an affordable price.  It’s amazing how an affordable webhost provider can do so much for those who are planning to put up their very own websites to advertise their services and products. Small business owners can put up their desired website through the tools provided by the service. Even the most inexperienced web designer can make use of the web designing tools and customize their website any way they want to without any limits. Even if these inexperienced web designers or builders encounter problems, they can contact the customer service via phone, chat or email and the customer service representatives would quickly address the subscriber’s issues.

The internet is very dynamic and constant changes occur from time to time. Updating the website may be painstaking. Fortunately for those subscribing in this web hosting service, staying up to date may not be as difficult as it seems because the servers back up the data in the subscriber’s website just in case anything goes haywire. With a user friendly web design interface and a 24/7 quality customer service, who wouldn’t want to subscribe to their service? Though most web hosting services may offer similar features, none of them are as efficient in helping their customers get and maintain their desired website. Not only does HostPapa look after its customers, it also looks after the environment.

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Yahoo Hosting Review

Yahoo Hosting offers a website building services for SMEs

The beginners’ tool for setting up a website provided by Yahoo Hosting is an extension to its email system with many other functions. The site-builder program allows users to choose the preferred layout for their site, based on a selection of templates, and then they are guided through a step-by-step process to personalize and optimize its functions. The standard web hosting, DNS server and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) options are available; as well as the option of adding email addresses to the account which is hosted by the new site and carry its URL name. The email service, entitled Business Mail, offers unlimited storage capacity, antivirus software and spam protection.

Yahoo Hosting also operates an e-commerce service which includes all the necessary functions to trade online. Extra templates are available to use which are specific to the online store format and the online payment set up; the order processing system and order shipping system are tailored to look like the standard online shopping sites that consumers are used to seeing. This service is supported with inventory management, order management and tracking for both the site owner and the purchaser; site statistics which are sent directly to the site owner.

Advertising and marketing options are available through Microsoft Advertising adCenter accounts which use search engines such as Yahoo! Search and Bing as the route to market. Registered users of the Yahoo! Business hosting services can also take advantage of marketing advice from the 24/7 online help service. This service will also provide ongoing help with analysis of the site in terms of its ease of navigation and appropriateness to the market it operates in. It will also give pointers on website content optimization.

A resource centre, which is accessible from the home page, directs users to support and information pages on business matters of interest. These include tips on getting a business started, sales and marketing, online business management, legal issues, finance and business solutions. Clicking on any of these links will direct the user to a Yahoo! Search page with recommended articles on the topics.

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Dotster Hosting Review

Web Hosting Services Provided By Dotster

Dotster is a web hosting services which specializes in providing websites for individuals and small businesses that have the need of a website but lack technical knowledge to build a site from scratch.

Its web hosting options are broken down into two packages, the website building package and the business hosting package. The first package includes a web design service which is based on a template (the user chooses from a selection) that Dotster designers then help personalize. Domain registration is included along with advice on choosing a domain name; Linux hosting comes as standard and there is the option to add email addresses which feature the domain name of the account. The business package includes all of the above but in addition, uses a Plesk Linux VPS hosting service.

Users who register for either package also have access to four other services. Firstly the SEO marketing service starts with a consultation to identify needs, an analysis of the layout and functionality of the user’s site, keyword research specific to the nature of the site and then submission of the site to mainstream search engines. There is also the option to take advantage of website content optimization.

A local site promotion service allows users to target promotions of their site to specific regions, cities and even as specific as local neighborhoods. The payment structure is based on results as opposed to page impressions. This function allows the creation of online offers, such as unique coupons or offer codes, and the results of these, as well as that of the main promotion, are tracked and sent as daily activity reports.

An email marketing service is also provided which helps users build up newsletter and email campaigns. Again templates are provided, and support and guidance on content and layout are offered. These campaigns are also tracked and activity reports sent.

A sub site called DotsterConnect allows users to set up miniature social networking sites in addition to the main site; once again support on physical layout, promotion and functionality is provided. Features include, but are not restricted to, befriending, notifications, blogs, albums, articles, event creation and video and media support.

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