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InMotion Hosting Review

Popularity and Steady Rise of Inmotion Hosting Company Amidst Numerous Hosting Options

Since its inception in 2001, the Inmotion hosting company has continually gained popularity and achieved several awards and recognition for their hosting services. The CNET Certified Service Provider certification, Best Business Host award by webhostinghero.com in 2008, and Top Web Host award by the AlreadyHosting.com in 2009 are just few of the company’s achievements that highlight their profile among competitors. They provide several options to prospective clients that range from basic hosting services, dedicated IP, email packages, hosting plans, to SSL certifications, whichever works best for an online store.

The company’s hosting network relies on speedy operating systems such as Unix and Linux, with round-the-clock monitoring system to ensure consistency of performance. This way, untoward issues can be immediately attended to and resolved, therefore, optimizing system growth in terms of affordability, speed and dependability. A noteworthy feature of this web hosting company is their unique capacity in offering Max Speed Zones. Clients get the chance to choose their preferred data centre for website hosting, either in Washington, DC or Los Angeles, CA, whichever is more convenient to their current location. Either way, these speed zones will undoubtedly speed up everything up to six times faster than the usual. A faster service means happier clients since speed is always tantamount to customer satisfaction.

Generally, Inmotion hosting company is run and owned by employees with hosting experience of 4 years on average, and supported by the senior staff members with 10 years or more experience in the field of hosting. They primarily fix or break down everything in relation to web site hosting, forming a support team equipped with the knowledge and friendliness to attend to consumer needs. With a commendable background in technology and business, they don’t stop at anything. Instead, they have continued searching for innovative ways to produce timely and updated hardware, methods, and software, which will complement the present tools.

To date, there are numerous web hosting companies available. However, the choice depends on user preferences. The most important thing is that they are satisfied with the service and it lives up to their expectations.