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GoDaddy Hosting Review

A Sneak Peek into the GoDaddy World

One of the fastest growing names in the SSL, web hosting and domain industry is GoDaddy; initially named Jomax Technologies by founder Bob Parsons in 1997. The final change in name happened in 1999 following a thorough brainstorming by a group of then employees. Besides availability, the decision was also based on the domain name’s ability to create a smile on anyone’s face at the mere mention, making it very easy to remember. Having sole operating rights and ownership of their own equipment and services, the company has managed to maintain high quality services at comparably lower prices. The big break happened in 2007 when the company was allowed to advertize during the Super Bowl; since then, a follow-up using comely female commercial models and the addition of 24/7 customer support team have ensured ┬áthe renowned success they experience today.

In terms of site building, the company’s Website Tonight was able to help thousands of individuals with minimal technical skills, in building and launching their own sites. For those who prefer professional services, a trusted design team is readily available to design professional and sleek websites. Virtual dedicated and dedicated shared hosting packages are also being offered at a reasonable price. The company’s data servers feature integrated fire and monitoring systems, top notch security system and a 24-hour expert onsite staff.

Creating secure and fast email accounts with a truly unique address and personal domain name is possible, allowing the email address to be easily remembered by friends, colleagues and clients.

On the business side, a complete line of marketing and eCommerce tools is designed for those with no programming background. Their current shopping cart site provides everything to make online sales possible; these services can be either used as an independent storefront or as addition to an already existing site. By simply paying a monthly fee, you can customize the product catalogue and after designing the site, everything will be ready for business.

SSL certificates ensure the websites security by encrypting the sensitive data that moves to and from the site. Thus, private information like credit card accounts and social security numbers cannot be intercepted by outside parties.