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WordPress Web Hosting

There is a veritable plethora of web hosts available and a vast majority meets WordPress’ minimum requirements.  Choosing a host though, can be problematic.  To be able to utilize WordPress web hosting a hosting provider needs to have, at a minimum, a MySQL database application of version 4.1.2 or greater and a PHP scripting language of version 4.3 or greater.  WordPress also recommends an Nginx or Apache server.  Each are full of features but just about any server that supports MySQL and PHP will do.

For better security, WordPress recommends using a separate account’s user name instead of the server’s default shared user name.  Today, the most common way to do this is to use suPHP, which is a tool for executing PHP scripts only with the owner’s permissions.  suPHP is a setuid root binary that is imbedded into an Apache module.  It specifically changes the uid of the process executing the PHP interpreter.  In more layman’s terms, the suPHP creates a unique identification number to help with securing your website, no matter what type it is.

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Hosting GPL WP Themes

WordPress has a list of GPL WP themes and they are open to letting others contribute to that list as long as they follow the guidelines. The GPL themes that can be contributed must be 100% GPL, which can include both artwork and CSS. The rule is anyone who contributes a WP theme must fully support it.

When someone adds their theme to the list on WordPress it is called hosting. In order to host a theme on WordPress, a person must keep their site up to date and it must be professional looking. Only themes that are completely finished may be added to the list of themes on the site. Along with the theme, the person is required to include a Haiku about themselves.

A person that hosts their theme on WordPress will receive information on the number of times their theme has been downloaded for use and feedback from users in forums. Each theme gets rated by users. This allows the person who created the theme to see how it compares to other themes on the site.

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