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WordPress Web Hosting

There is a veritable plethora of web hosts available and a vast majority meets WordPress’ minimum requirements.  Choosing a host though, can be problematic.  To be able to utilize WordPress web hosting a hosting provider needs to have, at a minimum, a MySQL database application of version 4.1.2 or greater and a PHP scripting language of version 4.3 or greater.  WordPress also recommends an Nginx or Apache server.  Each are full of features but just about any server that supports MySQL and PHP will do.

For better security, WordPress recommends using a separate account’s user name instead of the server’s default shared user name.  Today, the most common way to do this is to use suPHP, which is a tool for executing PHP scripts only with the owner’s permissions.  suPHP is a setuid root binary that is imbedded into an Apache module.  It specifically changes the uid of the process executing the PHP interpreter.  In more layman’s terms, the suPHP creates a unique identification number to help with securing your website, no matter what type it is.

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CSS Template Fonts

A CSS template has many font properties. This means anyone using the template can change the font, add color, make it larger or smaller, thin or thick etc. The CSS font properties include family, style, variant, weight, size, and font.

A font family is the type of font used. Any font can be used, including the ones found on Microsoft Word, which include cursive and serif. Different fonts can be used throughout the website. Style refers to italic, normal, or oblique. These are the only three font styles available.

The font variant decides whether the font is displayed in lower case or in capital letters. The weight of the font can be displayed in a number of ways including normal, bold, bolder, or light. A specific weight can be assigned using a number. Size refers to how large or small the font appears and ranges from extra extra small to extra extra large. The font property is used to assign all the properties at once.

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Shopping Carts on Your Ecommerce Web Hosting

Looking for ecommerce web hosting can take some time but it is better to get it right the first time so that you do not lose out on money when you find that you need to switch your hosting services. The best way to make the right decision is to look for something specific that you need to make your business run.

There are certain companies that can offer specific plans for an ecommerce business. While they are a little pricier than the basic plans, they do work out cheaper than and just as effective as running on a dedicated server. These plans are generally great for small to medium size businesses so are the perfect way to start out your sales company.

You should look out for a few extras that the companies are able to offer, such as the use of shopping carts rather than needing to program your own. This will cut down on the amount of programming that you need to learn and cut down on the space you use on the server.

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How does cPanel Web Hosting work?

cPanel web hosting works in 3 stages.

Firstly, the client gets themselves a web domain. To run this website efficiently and sensibly they require an external source or person to help them. The client purchases cPanel to provide this assistance as an affordable alternative to specialized employees.

Next, the software is installed by the client. The client quickly finds that cPanel web hosting affords them not only intimate access to website administration and control but also does not interfere with the domain hosts requirement to occasionally perform maintenance on their servers. By using cPanel the client also finds that their productivity and efficiency increases as less time is consumed by database and website management.

The final step revolves around the client evolving cPanel to meet with their needs. A crucial and highly-useful feature of cPanel is the ability to add on additional service protocols to the program. This means that the autonomy afforded by cPanel can actually be increased for any number of other website administration procedures.

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Joomla Templates Resources

Joomla provides its users with many resources that are easy to find and easy to use. A list of resources is provided on the Joomla website. Each resource has a description and a link to the page containing the resources. Basically, the resources provided are another way that the Joomla community reaches out and helps its members.

Joomla has many official sites, 8 to be exact, that provide resources. These resources are directly linked to Joomla pages and offer help and advice about free Joomla templates, the community, extensions, forums and more. Joomla also provides links to extensions of their website.

Joomla also provides a list of resources to sites that they follow. These resources include links to information like updating, management, forms, user comments and organization. Joomla provides a list of links to feeds they think are worth following as well. Feeds are used to alert users when new information from a site they follow is posted. Joomla makes sure to monitor and update the feeds.

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Hosting GPL WP Themes

WordPress has a list of GPL WP themes and they are open to letting others contribute to that list as long as they follow the guidelines. The GPL themes that can be contributed must be 100% GPL, which can include both artwork and CSS. The rule is anyone who contributes a WP theme must fully support it.

When someone adds their theme to the list on WordPress it is called hosting. In order to host a theme on WordPress, a person must keep their site up to date and it must be professional looking. Only themes that are completely finished may be added to the list of themes on the site. Along with the theme, the person is required to include a Haiku about themselves.

A person that hosts their theme on WordPress will receive information on the number of times their theme has been downloaded for use and feedback from users in forums. Each theme gets rated by users. This allows the person who created the theme to see how it compares to other themes on the site.

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What is PHP web hosting?

PHP originally stood for “Personal Home Page” but now is commonly understood to mean “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. PHP web hosting is believed constitute nearly 75% of the web pages on the internet and annual research into the risk these websites face from malicious action shows they have a threat of less than 50% for viruses or hacking.

Websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia and WordPress all use PHP programming for their website layout, administratively and for the visual displayed to the user. Because of this it is viewed as being a sturdy and accessible website creation tool.

Since being released in 1995 PHP has gone through significant changes in both security and performance. Now that it is free and widely available it can be installed on servers and used to construct that perform and look visually acceptable within the internet marketplace.

Facts released by data usage statisticians after researching websites and servers connected to the internet showed that by 2007 there were 1 million servers and 20 million websites with PHP installed onto them.

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HostMonster Hosting Review

Getting Good Deals with Hostmonster

Getting a good web hosting service is an important factor in putting up a website. Although some webhosts provide everything that one could possibly need at a high price, it is also important to look for a webhost that would give everything necessary at an affordable cost. This is exactly what Hostmonster is offering to its subscribers – An affordable web hosting service that provides its subscribers, who want to put up a nifty website, with everything necessary.

Although it is more affordable compared to other web hosting services, it doesn’t mean that they can’t provide the exact quality services that other web hosts are providing. This web host provider gives out unlimited bandwidth, unlimited host domains and an unlimited hosting space. Web designers can build their websites according to their tastes and needs since they don’t have to restrict themselves in building their desired websites. They can have all the flashy graphics and scripts that they desire and may even use the pre-installed scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Blogger and the like. It’s as good as any web hosting service out there but only at a more affordable rate, just check out any HostMonster review.

If their subscribers are inexperienced in putting up a website, then there’s no need for them to worry since they also provide a simple interface to manage everything on their websites. This includes the e-commerce feature that would keep track of all subscribers’ sales reports from their websites. If they still have problems in navigating or managing their website, they can always seek assistance in troubleshooting from the host’s customer support. Subscribers can call, chat or email customer support in case of any problem or queries. Their customer support responds to every subscriber’s requests and queries in less than two minutes.

Apart from giving them these basic services, they also provide their customers with safety and guarantee. Subscribers may rest assured that their data are being safely backed up by their high performance generators that would store all the data safely should any major problem arise on their websites. All these features and services are being provided by Hostmonster at a very affordable price. They will guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate for their customers.

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How to Choose Between the Different Managed Web Hosting Packages

When you are considering managed web hosting, you will need to be extremely honest with yourself. If you have no experience or are not confident about your coding skills, you should consider a hosting package that is able to deal with everything for you so that you do not have to. This can be extremely pricey but you will need to question whether it is worth it, especially to get your business up and running.

However, if you can do the programming yourself or can use a content management system, it may be worth looking into finding a hosting company that will just offer you the space rather than paying extra for a feature that you will never use.

There are plenty on the internet that are able to offer both and you should compare them all before you opt for any of them. Take a look at all the benefits that you are getting for your money and what the website uptime is like, among considering other factors.

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HostGator Review

Hosting Services Provided by Hostgator

There are now a large number of hosting services offered online and it’s not always clear which one comes out at the top of the pile. Hostgator seems not to be promoting themselves as the best start up but more an alternative option if switching from an existing host. They offer a free transfer of all domain names, file names, databases and scripts from a different host to themselves and also have a 45 day money back guarantee on all set-up fees. They don’t feel that this is enough to tempt potential customers though, so they also give $100 worth of Google Adwords credit as a part of all standard packages. The site says it will manage and oversee the whole process of moving.  Not to mention, that if you use a Hostgator coupon you can get all of this at an even cheaper price.

As well as breaking down set packages, Hostgator allows the user to choose which features they would like to add to a standard package and costs are broken down for reseller hosting options, Virtual Private Server hosting, and dedicated server hosting. The latter, as the name suggests, gives a website its own server which works exclusively for that site. Other options which can be added include having a private SSL (the certificate used to confirm the identity of a website or server and ensure the validity of transmitted information as well as encrypting it), or private IP.

Website package plans are set out as the Hatchling plan, the Baby plan and the Business plan. These services all offer an unlimited amount of bandwidth and disc space with access to a free site -building program and easy-to-navigate control panel for updates to the site. The Baby plan then extends to free unlimited domain names as part of its offering but still has a shared SSL certificate. The business plan has a free dedicated SSL certificate and IP address and offers a free toll-free number for the site.

A user’s control panel can be customized once the site is set up to make management of layout and content easier. The 1-click script installation also makes updating very efficient and the site boasts some 4,500 initial templates to choose from as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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